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What’s Involved?

A Thigh Lift can restore the shape of your thighs by addressing sagging skin in the inner and outer thighs and remove excess fat. Liposuction is use to remove excess fat deposits to contour the thigh and excessive skin or loose skin is removed to achieve firmer and shapelier thighs.

You may want to consider a thigh lift if you have undergone bariatric surgery, experienced significant weight loss, or found that diet and exercise have failed to reduce the excess tissue in your upper thighs. Genetics and aging also result in lost elasticity of the skin and produce sagging and loose skin that cannot be addressed with lifestyle changes or skin creams. A thigh lift will result in toned and proportional thighs that will make you more comfortable in clothing and swimwear, participate in sports and activities, and restore your self-confidence.

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Dr. Lussier and his staff are very caring and professional. EXCELLENT post-op care and follow-up. I’m thrilled with my “new” arms and thighs.

– AT, September 2015

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