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What’s Involved?

An Arm Lift or Brachioplasty tightens loose skin and removes fat under the arm that creates a “bat wing” appearance. Excess skin under the arm can be the result of weight loss or the natural process of aging. When a targeted exercise program has not improved the appearance your arms, then you may want to consider an Arm Lift.

An arm lift consists of the removal of excess skin and liposuction to achieve the best results. An arm lift will result in scars along the inside of your arms from your elbows to armpits; however, you will have shapelier arms along with the confidence to wear short-sleeve or sleeveless clothing. Dr. Lussier has a special skin care treatment plan to minimize scarring after your surgery.

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Dr. Lussier and his staff are very caring and professional. EXCELLENT post-op care and follow-up. I’m thrilled with my “new” arms and thighs.

– AT, September 2015

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