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Dr. Marc Lussier MD
Dr. Marc Lussier MD

Dr. Lussier

The Signal
Dr. Lussier has been voted Best Cosmetic Surgeon since 2011 by the Santa Clarita Valley Signal.

Marc Lussier, MD is the Medical Director and Founder of Town Center Surgery. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Lussier is a highly-skilled and trained physician who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He specializes in aesthetic surgeries.

Dr. Lussier is always looking ahead and stays current with the latest technology and procedures to enhance treatment options for his patients. His philosophy is to consider procedures, not in isolation, but in the context of how they blend with overall aesthetics to achieve the most natural-looking results. This holistic approach ensures that all your features are complementary and he often recommends both surgical and non-surgical procedures to accomplish this. Dr. Lussier will also address how to maintain healthy diet and exercise to optimize the results of any surgical procedures, so that you continue to be happy with your results.

Dr. Lussier received his medical degree from the University of Minnesota School of Medicine and his general surgery training at New York University Medical Center. He completed his residency in plastic surgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas followed by a fellowship in hand and microsurgery at the University of Southern California (USC) in association with the Southern California Orthopedic Institute. Dr. Lussier also completed a post-doctoral research fellowship in plastic surgery at the USC School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA).

Dr. Lussier is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Lussier has hospital privileges at Henry May Newhall Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Lussier was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After completing his medical training, he chose to settle in Southern California and build his medical practice in the Santa Clarita Valley. Dr. Lussier is an avid skier, mountain biker and scuba diver. He recently moved to Santa Monica where he enjoys walks on the beach, roller blading and yoga. His yoga practice complements his aesthetic philosophy by creating inner and outer beauty through healthy life choices.

Town Center Surgery

Town Center Surgery

A state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center located in Valencia, California.

Town Center Surgery is a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center located in Valencia, CA in the Santa Clarita Valley. Conveniently located on Town Center Drive in the heart of Valencia, it is easily accessible from the Antelope and San Fernando Valleys.

Town Center Surgery is certified by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), a leader in accreditation that develops standards to advance and promote patient safety, quality care, and value. In addition, the state of California and federal regulatory boards have certified the safety of the facility and equipment to be comparable to any hospital-based facility.

Since opening its door in August 2001, the surgery center has been providing safe, individualized care to patients in a warm and contemporary environment. Most surgeries and all aesthetic procedures are performed at Town Center Surgery.

Dr. Marc Lussier is the Medical Director and Founder of Town Center Surgery. Dr. Lussier is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Meet Our Staff


Staff are available by phone or email to schedule a consultation and answer any questions about the procedures and treatments that we offer.

Learn more about each of us:


Diana has over 25 years of experience working in the cosmetic surgery field. She has been working with Dr. Lussier in the operating room and managing the Surgery Center since 2003. She brings her Beverly Hills experience to Town Center Surgery. She will help you understand your surgical journey from selecting implants for breast augmentation procedures to assisting you in pre- and post-operative care. She will be your trusted source of information regarding your surgery and is available throughout your surgical experience.


Natalia is a Registered Nurse (RN) with 10 years of experience in the aesthetic industry. She joined Dr. Lussier in 2008 and is the peri-operative nurse for plastic and bariatric surgeries at Town Center Surgery. In addition to her role in the operating room, Natalia is extremely knowledgeable in anti-aging and beauty treatments and techniques such as Botox® Cosmetic, Dysport™, Xeomin®, Juvederm®, Kybella®, Radiesse™, Belotero™, Restylane™, Sculptra™, Vampire Facial and Vampire Facelift®. Her experience, knowledge and sculptor-like skills with fillers and injectables gives her clients confidence and comfort in their results time and again.

Natalia trained with the best plastic surgeons and nurses in Beverly Hills and the Santa Clarita Valley. She is a graduate of the Los Angeles County College of Nursing and completed her clinical training at Los Angeles County-USC Hospital and Olive View Medical Center. Natalia is fluent in Spanish and English.


Sheila has over 20 years of experience working in the medical and cosmetic plastic surgery field. She relocated from Kansas to join Dr. Lussier in 2013. Sheila is dedicated to ensuring that your experience at Town Center Surgery is the very best and meets all your expectations. Sheila will answer your questions and offer any guidance should you need any. She will provide you with the fees for procedures, schedule your surgery, and review all pre- and post-operative instructions. Sheila loves working with patients and helping them to feel the very best about themselves.


Kathy is a Registered Nurse (RN) and has worked with Dr. Lussier since 2008. She brings nearly 15 years of nursing experience to Town Center Surgery. Kathy began working with Dr. Lussier in the operating and recovery rooms and has since transitioned to the role of aesthetic nurse injector. She is a highly-skilled clinical nurse in all aspects of the surgical practice and her thorough understanding of the natural aging process and facial aesthetics enables her to administer injectable treatments with the utmost comfort, skill and precision. She strives to positively impact every patient she treats.

Kathy joined Dr. Lussier from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) where she specialized in pediatric emergency medicine.


Steve is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) with 30 years of experience. He initially trained as a Critical Care Nurse before working exclusively with aesthetic plastic surgeons. Steve has worked alongside Dr. Lussier in the operating room for over 20 years at Town Center Surgery. He has performed over 10,000 procedures over his career and he brings this experience to each and every one of the procedures in the operating room.

He provides the highest quality of care in the administration of anesthesia to patients during their surgeries. Steve is dedicated to upholding the standards of anesthesia care and protecting patients. Coupled with his warmth and caring, you will receive nothing but exceptional care during your surgery.


Christina Lai is a Registered Nurse and member of the AORN, joining Town Center Surgery from CHLA, where she is a Certified Pediatric Nurse who specializes in intra​-​operative, post-operative and medical surgical patients. Christina is an aesthetic nurse, who takes the time to understand her clients’ goals, educates and empowers her clients to make informed choices. She ensures her clients are comfortable, satisfied with their results and follows up with them. She consistently seeks new learning opportunities to better her practice. Christina is fluent in English and Chinese (Mandarin).


Yeny Sandoval is an Intensive Critical Care Nurse from Providence Tarzana Medical Center. She brings over ten years of experience as a licensed professional critical care Nurse. Yeny gained experience at Dr. Laser and trained with the best plastic surgeons and nurses in the aesthetic industry. She is very knowledgeable about beauty treatments like wrinkle elimination with Botox, Dysport, face and lip contouring with fillers like Juvéderm, Restylane, etc. Yeny is dedicated, professional and well-educated in the field of aesthetic nursing. Yeny holistically embraces a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition, fitness, beauty regimens and the connection between body and mind. Yeny is fluent in English and Spanish.

New Patients

New patients considering plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures should contact Town Center Surgery to schedule a consultation to discuss the options, benefits, risks and alternatives.

To schedule a consultation for surgery or appointment for a non-surgical procedure, the staff at Town Center Surgery are available Monday – Friday from 9:00 am5:00 pm to take your call at (661) 260-3021.

Community Surgeons

If you are a surgeon interested in performing surgeries at Town Center Surgery, please call (661) 260-3021.

Out-of-Town Patients

Town Center Surgery serves patients not only in the Santa Clarita Valley and Los Angeles region, but also patients from around the world. Wherever you may be traveling from, the staff at Town Center Surgery are available to assist in your travel planning and help make any recommendations to ensure that your stay in Valencia is comfortable and meets all your needs. Please contact Town Center Surgery at (661) 260-3021 to help with your travel arrangements and accommodations.

Town Center Surgery is located near Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for out-of-town patients flying in for plastic surgery procedures. Ground transportation is available from both airports.

Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR)
2627 N. Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505

Town Center Surgery is located 23.0 miles from Burbank Airport

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
1 World Way
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Town Center Surgery is located 40.7 miles from LAX

For hotel accommodations, the Hyatt Regency Valencia is conveniently located one block from Town Center Surgery. For the convenience and comfort of patients staying at the Hyatt, Dr. Lussier will go to the hotel to conduct a post-operative check-up. It is recommended that patients arrange to sleep in their own bed to ensure a restful recovery.

Town Center Surgery has partnered with the Hyatt Regency Valencia to offer patients a discount room rate. Please contact the staff at Town Center Surgery for the discount code to book your accommodations at the Hyatt.

Hyatt Regency Valencia
24500 Town Center Drive
Valencia, CA 91355
Phone: (661) 799-1234

The Westfield Valencia Town Center is located less than a mile from Town Center Surgery. At the Westfield Town Center, patients and their families will find a variety of options for dining and shopping during their stay in Valencia.

Westfield Valencia Town Center
24201 W. Valencia Boulevard
Valencia, CA 91355
Phone: (661) 254-0213

We use the Newest non-surgical Technologies to treat Spider and Varicose Veins

Spider veins are named for the web-like appearance on the skin, they’re usually red or blue.

They can develop anywhere, but are most common on the legs, ankles, and face. Several treatments may be needed to diminish spider veins. The more recent the condition, the easier it is to treat. An ultrasound test can determine if spider veins are a symptom of a deeper circulatory problem.

Varicose veins appear as gnarled, enlarged veins in the legs and feet. It’s a very common condition affecting more than 3 million people per year in the US.

For many people, varicose veins are more than just a cosmetic concern. They cause aching pain, swelling, and discomfort which may signal an underlying vascular problem due to incompetent valves. Treatment involves compression stockings, exercise, or procedures to close (collapse) the affected veins.

Burning or throbbing
Swollen feet and legs
Pain, aching, or cramping
Bulging or visible veins
Numbness or itching
Skin discoloration
Skin ulcers
Restless legs

We will need to know some history including how long you have had your current symptoms. Also, did you first notice your symptoms during pregnancy? We will need to know what improves your symptoms. This may include compression stockings, leg elevation, a low
sodium diet, weight loss, or exercise.

Let us know if you have personal or family history of blood clots, migraines, if you take, or have taken, birth control pills, or if you are using hormone replacement therapy.

We will perform an ultrasound screening. It’s an in-office test to determine the cause of your symptoms and the severity of your condition.


(Cosmetic for spider veins)

(For closure of varicose veins)

(For closure of varicose veins)

(The latest technology for closure of varicose veins that does not require pain medication or compression stockings.)

Compression stockings are essential to a successful recovery and prevent adverse side effects after surgery. You must wear compression stockings for the first 24 hours after the procedure. After that time, you should continue to wear them for the next 14 days at all times, except when sleeping.

There is bruising and mild discomfort in the treated areas for two to four weeks. Within one week you may start to notice a difference in the prominence of your veins, but complete results may take weeks to months.

Example of sclerotherapy for spider veins.

See veins disappear before your eyes.
Our video gallery includes actual vein procedures performed by Dr. Marc Lussier.


Varicose vein treatments are often covered by PPO plans and Medicare.

To find out more, call us at (661) 260-3021 to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

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